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Best Angry Birds Games for Unlimited Fun

For those who love the character ‘Angry birds’ would be amazed to know that now they have so many such games that allow them to have unlimited fun with their favorite character online.

Many of you might have played one or another angry birds game on their mobile phone, but what if you get numerous kinds of similar games to play and kill your boredom?

You will get different ways to play and jump your character and have different goals to achieve. Though they are not hard to play but will give you the best options dedicated to this wonderful character with attitude.

Moreover, the huge collection of these greatest games comes with unique themes, attractive interfaces, and challenges. So, you can pick any one game to enjoy spending time with angry birds online.

Best Angry Birds Games for PC and Mac

Here are some of the best Angry Birds games which you can try and have more fun.

Angry Birds Match

It is one of the cutest Angry Birds games in the list. In this gameplay, you require helping the hatchlings in matching the stuff and things so that they can find their friends. But, the biggest challenge is to stop the pigs from ruining the Hatchlings’ party.

Angry Birds Match

What makes it more interesting and exciting is to match the toys and other stuff that your Hatchlings will ask you to collect. Moreover, you get the opportunity to decorate scenes, get the new attire after winning certain challenges and dress up your Hatchlings as per your style.

Each level comes with a unique challenge, where your main goal is to rescue hatchlings from pigs and expand your flock of cute hatchlings. Unlocking new worlds of hatchlings and participating in special themed events keep you tuned with the game for long hours.

Download Angry Birds Match!

Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast is one of the newest puzzle adventure games which involve the blasting of the balloons to rescue the angry birds. For much better understanding, these birds are stuck in the balloons and like in most of the Angry Birds games, here also, pigs are behind them. So, your goal is to match the balloons with the same color to blast them and to free the birds.

Angry Birds Blast

This game has plenty to do and as you level up, you will face more challenging situations that keep you interested in meeting the goal. All you require is to enhance your balloon bursting skills so that you can save as many birds as you can. There are more than 1000 levels where you require solving puzzles and cracking high scores.

You can earn rewards in the daily quest, weekly events, and even monthly puzzle missions.

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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 has come up with more attractive graphics, more challenging levels and even more destruction than its previous version. The Boos pigs have again snatched the eggs; obviously, you will never let them go easily. Simply team up with your friends from across the globe by connecting through Facebook and play the challenging levels in completely new game modes.

Angry Birds 2

If you want to show your angry birds gaming skills, this gameplay provides you an opportunity to know your characters in a better way and have unlimited fun by involving your friends in this heart-capturing game.

Make your strategies to defeat the pigs in multi-stage levels and earn quick rewards by accomplishing the daily challenges. Joining a clan, competing in the arena, collecting silly hats and marking a position on the global leaderboards deliver more than enough that you expect from challenging Angry Birds games.

Download Angry Birds 2 now!

Angry Birds Go!

Do you love downhill racing games and that too with your angry birds? This game revolves around racing down the track at incredible speed to finish it as a winner. Getting victory is not as easier as you think here, the hazardous roads and playful opponents do their best to beat you and get the first place.

Best angry birds games

You will earn rewards and upgrade the kart to be the best driver in this piggy island. Choose your favorite Angry Birds characters and explore this colorful 3D world filled with numerous tracks. So, get ready and win the race.

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Angry Birds Rio

Have you ever imagined what would happen if your favorite angry birds got kidnapped? In Angry Birds Rio, the angry birds have been kidnapped and shipped to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro. But, as they are more active and intelligent than other birds, so somehow they have managed to escape.

Best Angry Birds Games

But, now as their friends, Blue and Jewel, are still in the control of the kidnappers, so their main goal is to save them. The game is all about how angry birds save their friends by going through a number of challenges.

The game has more than 400 levels, and in addition to these, there are 72 more games in bonus levels that you can unlock by finding the hidden objects all through the game.

Getting some help from Macaw friends and transforming bird into a distressing giant also help a lot in reaching the target.

Download Angry Birds Rio!


These best Angry Birds games let you explore different worlds where your favorite characters plan the strategy to overcome all the challenges to achieve the specific goal.

If you are looking for something similar, simply get these games on your device, challenge your friends and enjoy it to the fullest.