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Best Easy to Learn Piano Apps

Although your enthusiasm and excitement to learn any musical instrument might be very high, it is still impossible to make sure you get enough practice everyday.

The main reason behind this is that you cannot carry your musical instruments everywhere you go. It is a hassle to make sure you carry your instrument on the way to a friend’s place through public transport.

Worry no more! You can jam anywhere anytime with the apps that recreate the effect of a musical instrument virtually, making it easy for you to practice or compose while you are on the go.

Best Piano Apps For PC and Mac

Here are some games that help you play the piano without having the actual instrument-

Real Piano

This is one of the best piano keyboards that is meant for all kinds of people from pianists, keyboardists, musicians, performers, artists, amateurs and beginners.

This game allows you to amplify the fun you have with different musical instruments. This Real Piano game with musical instruments helps you learn chords and music notes etc in the most exciting ways.

real piano

This is a great game to rely on as it will ensure the development of your musical abilities.

There are many features that make this game stand out. Here are some of them-

  • This game allows children as well as teenagers to learn while they are having fun and improve their intelligence levels.
  • It allows you to play piano with different kinds of sounds and music with great ease.
  • The game contains all 88 Keys that help you practice in the right manner.
  • The game is also multi touch and will respond to a complex melody and also has an adjustable piano size.
  • The best thing about this game, it has Studio audio quality.
  • The game not only contains a piano but also instruments like Grand Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, and Flute.

Download Real Piano  for PC and Mac!

Marshmello Piano Tiles Remix

Marshmello Piano Tiles Remix is a highly addictive piano music game that has many latest models and songs.

This piano is very easy to play and does not require any special skills. The rules of the game are very simple and require you to click on the mosaic filled black piano tiles and mix music with a white tile.

Marshmello Piano Tiles Remix

These amazing features make this game stand out from others.

  • There are many different canvases for magic challenges and have about 50 magic challenges on white Piano mode.
  • The game consists of more than 10 pianos and 50 tiles for colors and themes.
  • The Classic piano music can be customized to make different sounds.
  • The games provide the players with over more than 10 different views and experiences while playing.
  • The game consists of good sound quality and pictures and high quality music soundtrack as well.

Download Marshmello Piano Tiles Remix  for PC and Mac!

Melobeat- Awesome Piano and MP3 Rhythm Game

This is one of the best music games that contains a piano to practice, thus making this an awesome Music Game!

The game also allows you to enable or disable long note and double notes by changing the settings of the difficulty level.

Melobeat- Awesome Piano and MP3 Rhythm Game

The amazing features of this game are as follows-

  • You can be a pianist with this game as it has a vast library of songs to learn from and more than 30 songs are added to this collection every month!!
  • You can also learn a song of your choice by playing Melobeat with your own MP3 files.
  • Melobeat is capable of playing any song on your device.

Download Melobeat- Awesome Piano and MP3 Rhythm Game!

With these amazing features, it is easy to see why these piano apps are the right choice for you.

Do you wish to play the piano or any musical instrument on your computer screen or mobile device?

With these apps, you can practice or learn a new skill and become a great piano player without having to plug your instrument everywhere you go.