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Best Free Dancing Apps to Show your Talent

You could tell a story or depict a state by the way that you dance. It is a form of expressing emotions that often requires no words and sometimes not even any music. Not only does dancing entertain us, but it’s also one of the best forms of exercise. There are rhythm, flow and several other factors about dancing that makes it enticing to people who go on to make it as their careers for life.

Several dancing styles exist in various different parts of the world which can be considered as their cultural heritage. While dancing is not limited to regions and people, it can also be seen among animals who often dance in their own natural way on particular occasions. Dancing is so popular that competitive dancing is a real deal that often is performed for both rewards and good causes.

So, if you like dancing and perhaps, love the hundreds of nuances about it, then you’d definitely like the list we’ve prepared for some of the best dancing games in the market. Prepare yourself and break a leg in any of these fantastic games mentioned below.

Best Free Dancing Apps

Just Dance Now

Let loose and bring forth the untameable spirit of dancing within you with Just Dance Now!

Move to the beats and melodies of more than 500 songs that include 40 awesome songs from the popular console game Just Dance 2018. Now without a video game console but on your portable devices, choreograph greatest songs and dance your heart out with Just Dance where you party with tens, hundreds, thousands of players around the world!

Just Dance Now

Track the calories that you burned in Just Dance from your Healthkit dashboard. Also, create your own playlists to precisely match the tone of your moods and add new songs with exclusive content that’s added every month!

Some of the popular songs on Just Dance Now are: Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, 24K Magic by Bruno Mars, and many more!

Download Just Dance Now for free on your PC and Mac today!

Epic Party Clicker – Throw Epic Dance Parties!

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to become a social butterfly by throwing the sickest party because your parents are out of town and you’re finally by yourself! It’s going to be an EPIC PARTY when you play Epic Party Clicker where you can tap to get more guests and tap more to upgrade your celebration event!

Top Dance Games

You sure may start small in the beginning but soon after upgrading your space, sound equipment and other aspects of your party, you bet it’s going to be Legendary! Add a zero-G dance floor, jello bars and even a viking metal band to rock every party out there with the eventual upgrade of getting a time machine to invite them primitive jolly mates with their alluring relics that attract the world full of people!

Sync your taps with the dope beats of the playing songs by paying attention to the rhythm to improve the number of guests. Also, check updates of your guest’s social media to know how hard your party’s blowing socially after that party van you brought followed by a flying limo!

With more than 20 party upgrades such as arcades, laser ice sculptures, Illuminati Amplifier, Dubstep Wizard and Hyperspace Echo; drive your guests crazy with all the dank stuff and moves!

Download Epic Party Clicker – Throw Epic Dance Parties! For free on your Mac & PC today!

Hip Hop Dance School Game

Show the hood that you’re the hottest hip-hop dancer in the town with Hip Hop Dance School Game! After getting discovered by the best hip-hop talent agent, it’s up to you to dress in style and choreograph your dance moves and make them epic to climb ranks for the big show! Gain the skills for perfect choreography to stand out on stage along with your chosen crew members to deliver a legendary performance!

Best Dance Games

Work and retain your star reputation by impressing the fans and judges and following your mentor’s instructions that got you into the hip-hop scene. Get a makeover and done the coolest hip-hop outfits with a new great hairstyle from the salon. You can also visit the doctor to get better in time for the show. You get injured or spend a day at the spa to calm your nerves after a long practice or right before a show!

Your competitors can be inspirational if you watch their dancing clips and get yourself in better shape at the gym with the cool freeze balance workout. Show your true prowess to the loving fans and the judges to beat the top score and become a legend yourself!

Download Hip Hop Dance School Game for free on your PC and Mac today!

FaceDance Challenge!

Do something different today with your desire to dance in the FaceDance Challenge! Instead of tapping on notes and moves, work your facial expressions to imitate the emoticons and faces appearing on your screen with the rhythm of the music! Share your clips with friends to show off or challenge them to a FaceDance showdown!

Best Dance Apps

As the tempo of the song gets going, it will surely be fun as you imitate several expressions to match the flow to beat your own previous records. Lead the world of FaceDance by interacting in a way you’ve never done before and discover the pleasure of Face Dancing!

Download the FaceDance Challenge! For free on your Mac & PC today!

Hip Hop Battle – Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash

The battle is on and it’s girls vs. boys in your city which is your dance floor! In Hip Hop Battle – Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash, recruit both boy and girl dancers into your crew and wear the newest street-style fashion to up your charisma. Work your skills hard and perform some of the awesome Hip-Hop moves in ultimate dance-offs.

Top Dancing Apps

Compete in these dance battles by choreographing your own moves and completing challenges all over the city at places such as Basketball court and even the subway platform! Learn to freestyle and add pops, locks, slides into your dance to match and uplift the energy of the crowds!

Download Hip Hop Battle – Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash for free on your PC & Mac today!

Final Words

All these exciting and thrilling games will surely satiate the burning foot-tapping desire of dancing in you. Pick any game among these and you certainly shall have a great time becoming a cool and reputable Dancing Legend!