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Best Guitar Game Apps to Try and Become a Rockstar

These days you can easily find almost everything on your mobile phone. But, what if you want to learn the guitar? No worries, now you need not attend daily classes just to learn how to play guitar. There are lots of guitar apps available online that let you learn guitar on your device while sitting at home.

Moreover, these apps also provide you numerous additional features such as recording music, simulating amps and many more. What encourages people to prefer these apps is their fun way of learning in the form of game apps, along with providing an opportunity to accomplish your dream of becoming a Rockstar.

Best Guitar Game Apps

With the help of these guitar game apps, you can create music even if you are not a musician. So, go through these apps, test your skills, learn more about playing guitar, and be the guitar legend.

Guitar Hero DJ Remix

When looking for something that can help you learn and play guitar for free without getting out of your home, Guitar Hero DJ Remix can be the best music game app for you. This music-rhythm style game is one of the ultimate apps with the Electronic Dance Music genre. This game app comes with a guitar track cover that provides you a great way to test your guitar skills as well as learn how to follow EDM rhythm.

Guitar Hero DJ Remix

Moreover, the game comes with 10 songs and provides you a chance to play these songs in three different difficulty levels, such as easy, medium and hard. In this way, you will learn different methods to play these songs and will enhance your music skills.

All these songs are available offline, you just require choosing any song from your phone and have unlimited fun. The cool graphics and amazing effects with better controls are something that you must try at least once. Download Guitar Hero DJ Remix for PC and Mac now!

Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games

To learn and play guitar in real-time, you must go for this simulator app that provides you a chance to enjoy electric and acoustic guitar sounds played with live guitar. It involves free chords and tabs that work great in making the guitar learning process easier.

This guitar game app comes with numerous options and modes, thus making it a perfect guitar learning app for both beginners and professionals. Even if you want to spend your free time with a temporary music instrument or just want to revise your chords, Real Guitar Free is a perfect music app for you.

Best guitar games

It provides high-quality sounds that enable you to play this instrument without using the amp. The easy-to-use interface gives you a chance to create music and songs on your favorite instrument as easily as ever before. In addition to this, even kids can access this amazing free game and learn how to play guitar.

You can use this app when you travel and cannot have your music instrument with you. This way you can travel and practice on the go without missing your music. Download Real Guitar Free for PC and Mac!

Guitar Band Battle

Are you looking for the largest music band challenge in the world? You must consider playing the Guitar Band Battle multiplayer game that combines the bands and rhythm and provides you an opportunity to test your guitar skills. What makes this game more interesting and exciting is the chance to challenge real players from around the world.

Best Guitar Game Apps

No worries if you do not have a place to start your music band. You can make your garage a practicing location, where you can gather your band and work on becoming a Rockstar. This game provides numerous stages, stadiums, and arenas, giving you different places to play well-known tunes until you get the fame you always dreamed of.

In addition to these features, the game also provides you a facility to buy guitars, hire musicians as in a real band and various other options to earn the fame for your band. Win the hearts of millions of music lovers around the world and become a music superstar.

Download Guitar Band Battle now!

Guitar Flash

Guitar Flash is another guitar game app on the list which is quite simple and easy to use. In this game, you will play songs by hitting the notes at the right time as they look on the screen. Moreover, the game comes with three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. You just need to choose any level as per your choice and your music skills.

Best Guitar Game Apps

If you choose to play a hard level, you will get more points as you play it. If you are familiar with notes, be ready to play difficult songs and test your skills. Initially, you can play only four songs, but as you level up in the game, you can unlock more songs, something more than a dozen. It is a wonderful musical game for those who are a guitar hero fan.


If you are looking for a guitar game that can help you to become a rock guitarist or you just want to spend your free time with music, these guitar game apps provide you everything that you can use to learn guitar and have a lot of fun playing music in our own way.