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Best Preschool Learning Game Apps for Kids

There are numerous ways in which you can utilize your child’s screen time and make the most of his time playing video games. It is next to impossible to make your kids sit and study books in their hands, but with a fun game, this tedious task can be made much easier with the help of a few buttons.

Your toddler has the maximum potential to learn and grow. So, the best way to introduce learning in their early stages is to make sure that you use educational video games to generate their interest and make them learn in a fun manner.

Best Preschool Learning Game Apps

Doctor Kids

With this game, a child can aspire to be a real life doctor and virtually experience the satisfaction of fulfilling their dreams.

The game allows you to play different roles wherein you get to assign the patients to the right doctor’s office and help them feel better. The game includes different characters that make up different types of doctors and the player appoints them on the basis of the symptoms presented to them.

Doctor Kids

This encourages the children to learn the different specialisations and they can learn how diagnosis really occurs. This makes the game extremely educational.

You can appoint different patients to different doctors to fix their unease. You can also diagnose patients to heal them from unknown diseases. You are even allowed to perform an eye examination test to improve kids’ eyesight. You can use a microscope to make some lab tests and eliminate viruses and use X-ray machines to scan bones etc to make sure this feels like a realistic experience.

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LeapFrog Academy

This is termed as one of the best educational applications. This game has over 200 different games that can help your child learn different skills. The credit for this can be given to the game developers who have been leading educators in helping two to six year olds learn preschool skills.

LeapFrog Academy

This game helps your child understand the following-

  • It helps your kids learn how to read and write with different games that teach kids about the alphabet, phonetics and syllables and help them spell and read.
  • It helps them develop critical thinking and compare numbers, learn the digits, and counting.
  • It also helps generate curiosity in STEM fields by teaching the kids about the human body and how to make different observations.
  • They will learn to exercise logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Not only this, the game also teaches them how to understand social cues and emotions along with music and art.

This game basically covers all aspects of a child’s growth and prepares your child for their learning in the future.

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This is another fun kids learning application that has over 100 free learning games. The best part about this application is that it contains your favorite PBS KIDS characters. Kids can play and explore different categories of games and enjoy their learning experience to the fullest with their favourite cartoon friends.


The game consists of over 100 free and creative games for kids that are yet to attend school. The game consists of different activities such as mazes, puzzles, dress-up games and coloring books. There are several science, math and counting games that will help your child learn faster and enjoy the process of learning.

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First Words for Baby

This game is one of the best applications out there that will help your toddlers understand words and helps them develop speaking skills early on. You can use this application to introduce new words to your toddler’s vocabulary and make it easier for them to learn through this fun application.

First Words for Baby

This is a great game for early education and will help you find the right words for your baby to grasp quickly. This baby application has more than 120 carefully selected common words with flashcards and is bound to build your toddler’s vocabulary.

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With these applications, you will easily be able to make learning a fun experience for your young kids. This way you can help them strike a balance between their free time and fun games as well as their education.

So go ahead and try these games today!