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Challenging Online Chess Games for Chess Lovers

Chess is one of the oldest strategy games. With its origins dated back thousands of years in the country of India, chess has maintained its popularity throughout these years, amusing every generation like the past ones.

The game tests patience, strategy, presence of mind and is a fun way to boost your reasoning as well as sharpen your thought process.

The game duplicates the real life battlefield with different pieces symbolising the different parts of the army such as infantry and cavalry.

This game consists of two teams, each containing 16 pieces on the board. Each of these pieces performs different functions in the game and the aim of the game is to try to defeat the opponent by making sure you capture their ‘King’ piece.

It is difficult to master this game, but they say practice makes perfect.

If you are consumed by the idea of bettering your game, it must be difficult to carry the board and pieces everywhere you go.

The solution?

Online chess games.

Challenging Online Chess Games

Here are some online chess games that you should definitely look into.

Chess Master 3D

In this battle between the two armies, one cannot overlook the importance of AI and graphics. There are several games that you can find online that help you play chess on your computer screen. But, Chess Master 3D is a great way to immerse yourself in this tactical battle.

Chess Master 3D

It has high-quality graphics that lets you enjoy the game to the fullest as it makes you feel like you have a 3D board lying in front of you.

Not only this, to give the game a more realistic approach you can even adjust the camera options and angles to make sure you can play comfortably. This is the best option for beginners as the game also provides piece movement hints. There are different AI difficulty levels that will motivate you to do better. 

Chess- Play and Learn

One of the best applications to use if you want to play the great tactical game of chess on your mobile or computer screen.

Not only does this game allows you to play chess online and against the computer AI, it also allows the users to solve vexing puzzles that engage the mind. Make sure that you understand the tactical moves you need to improve your gameplay.

Chess- Play and Learn 

Another feature of this game that is too good to be true is that it provides the players with thousands of videos and interactive lessons from top grandmasters that can help improve their gameplay by manifold. It also has many interactive tutorials with helpful tips and highlights.

You can even go back and analyse your games to make sure you understand the mistakes you make and improve upon them. It also allows you to adjust the difficulty level at which the computer will play.

Download Chess – Play & Learn for PC and Mac!

Chess Free

Another great application designed to make sure that you can carry your chess board wherever you go. This is a great application that is loaded with features.

It has hundreds of levels for you to train and has thousands of chess exercises to make sure that you sharpen your skills. The game also provides tactics training and strategy lessons that will help you beat any enemy.

Chess Free

The best part about this game is that unlike other apps, Chess Free also provides opening and endgame training and practice. The practice also extends to checkmate puzzles which will help users handle the endgame pressure in real life. 

The best feature of this application, however, is that it can be played online and offline as well making this chess a great game to have in remote areas.  You can even choose between playing with 2D or 3D interface according to your personal preference. This game truly has everything a future grandmaster would want. 

Download Chess Free!

With these online chess games, it is evident that it is not only more convenient but also more beneficial for your practice to shift your chess games to an online environment.

It means, now you can play chess anywhere, anytime, at your own pace and level.