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Exciting Bubble Shooter Games Online for PC and Mac

Bubble shooting games have been one of the longest standing genres in the world of arcade games. The simplicity and the ease with which you can learn the controls have attracted the old less tech savvy generation as well as the young inquisitive minds with this genre of games. 

Since the popularity of this game is quite high, there have been multiple games that try to implement the basic gameplay of bubble shooting games, each with their own tweaks and improvements.

There are numerous bubble shooting games that you will find online. With the overwhelming number of choices you might feel confused so as to which game to download if you want to have some arcade fun.

Well, look no more. Here’s a list of the best bubble shooter games for PC and Mac.

Best Bubble Shooter Games for PC and Mac

Bubble Witch Saga 3

One of the best bubble shooter games out there, Bubble Witch Saga 3 brings back the popular bubble witch in order to defeat the enemy Wilbur. The game included interactive story narration that attracted young minds towards the game as it makes the game more interactive.

The story suggests that it is the users responsibility to save the realm of the bubbles by matching bubbles with the game’s unique aiming line that allows you and the witch Stella to make bubble connections.

Bubble Witch Saga 3

The points you collect will help the little witch Stella rebuild her home. 

Be the hero and save the damsel in distress with this fun bubble shooter game. Download Bubble Witch Saga 3 now!

Bubble Freedom

Make the most of your agile fingers and get ready to show some fine matching skills with this free game called Bubble Freedom.

Download and play Bubble Freedom puzzle game to discover the best way to have some bubble shooting fun. The aim of the game is to manage your time, plan your moves, and clear all the bubbles to overcome the obstacles.

The game has many features that other games don’t, which makes this game stand out within its competitors. It allows you to earn amazing boosters and power-ups to win levels and clear the board.

Bubble Freedom

Win enough points to earn one or more stars to make sure you completed the mission.

Bubble Freedom is a popular free game for you to enjoy that does not require any internet connection or WiFi. Simply pop colorful balls and balloons, blast fun levels, and experience one of the best arcade games.

Bubble Island 2

This game has been designed by the award winning video game coders that made the original smash hit Bubble Island. A very exciting puzzle adventure fest, this ball shooter game just keeps getting bigger and better than ever! Use your skills to size up the perfect shots and shoot bubbles onto the board. This game is a fun and addictive shooting ball game!

The best part about experiencing this adventure is joining the cutest Rico Raccoon as he races around the world, trying desperately to catch a hold of the pigeon and villainous mastermind Simon Von Adler and foil his plans to take over the world!

Best bubble shooting games

This real reason why this shooting ball and puzzle game is popular is that it contains nice graphics and an adventure story. Rescue cities from Simon’s evil clutches to restore their stolen monuments with your precise aims and calculated shots. 

Not only do you get to play with the exciting character Rico, but also with his friends who are on the mission with him. These friends include characters like Panda Berry Master!

Download Bubble Island 2!

With these games one can see why the bubble shooter games have retained their popularity and continue to be enjoyed by a large number of people all around the world.

What are you waiting for? Relive the fun moments you spent at the arcade as a kid with these mind boggling bubble shooter games.