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Top Cat Games to Get Crazy for your Pet

When we talk about pets, dogs are seen running around the home like crazy, whereas on the other side, cats have their reputation to enjoy the playtime in their own way. They have their own sense of curiosity, so you have to encourage them to participate in different activities with the supplies you have at your home.

Due to their innocence and cuteness, they are widely preferred as the best pets around the world and can also become your best companion to play in your free time.

Now, more and more cat games are being launched to display that innocence and cuteness in the form of 2D/3D graphics. With these games, you also get to know that if cats get an opportunity to show their talent, they can easily meet any challenge.

Top Cat Games

Here are some of the top cat games that you can play alone or with your cats and make them crazy for your device.

Cat Runner: Decorate Home

If you are looking for some cat running games, then this game can be your best choice that also gives you a chance to decorate your home. You can design several rooms and show your interior designing skills in a loving way.

Best Cat Games

Cat Runner: Decorate Home lets you spend hours with your loving cat and collect gold coins by running on various adventurous places. The game involves exploring new worlds, running faster and escaping fast cars and trains with the aim to catch the robber.

In this game, you have to run as fast as you can, but make sure to avoid obstacles and get more coins to buy more props. The different game modes make this gameplay more exciting and fun, where you can also challenge various running levels.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time

Simon’s Cat has won the hearts of millions of people around the world and has also become one of the mischievous cats over the web. Now come to this gameplay, here, crows have stolen the favorite Tasty Treats of this cat and your aim is to help Simon’s Cat to get those treats back.

Simon’s Cat - Crunch Time

The game has various cats that are on the mission of finding treats in new places. You are here to help them in this colorful adventure to collect Tasty Treats. It is not as easy as you think. You have to fight with villains and accomplish free puzzle games to help cats’ gangs in their mission.

It requires connecting the same Treats to make a chain and win rewards. The game offers 6 game modes and hundreds of levels to play and have fun.

Download Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time!

Cookie Cats Blast

In this game, four cats are worried about their cookies as they have seen a new face in their neighborhood and do not want that stranger to steal their cookies. These cats do everything to protect their cookies from being stolen by the thief.

Cookie Cats Blast

Cookie Cats Blast is quite a simple yet addictive puzzle gameplay where you have to click on the cookies with the same color in order to collect them. The four game modes are there that help you to check out the cookie thief who has come in your neighborhood to steal the cookies. There are hundreds of challenging levels that you have to accomplish and move to a higher level.

Moreover, this game becomes more exciting and enjoyable when you challenge your friends and you beat them with a high score. If you have not played any cat game before, you must try this game for sure. Download now!

Cat Safari 2

Cat Safari 2 is a creative and colorful animal app where you have to create cute cats. You will find mysterious crates at various places around the large isolated land and inside each of them, there will be a cute kitten. By combining the same kind of cats, you can breed a unique cat; this is something that gives this game a unique experience to the cat lovers.

Best Cat Games

The game provides you an opportunity to start a cat evolution in the way you want. All you have to do is to combine and sell them and get the in-game currency. So, initiate this evolution and turn these cute kittens into majestic lions.

The game has highly attractive graphics and lovely animations that will surely encourage you to try your hands on this gameplay at least once. So, become a cat breeder and create diverse breeds of cats.

Download Cat Safari 2 for PC and Mac!

Cat Sim Online

It is a new 3D RPG adventure game that involves living either as a cat or a kitten and raises a family with more kittens. You have to explore the large world which is loaded with many popular cat breeds. This game gives you a chance to play with friends and make a new adventure. When it comes to the safety of your family, you can also fight with your enemies.

Top Cat Games

Moreover, this game also allows unlocking new cat breeds using the coins you have earned. You can choose to battle enemies either alone or online multiplayer mode. This game is very interesting and enables you to make your own adventure in this massive 3D world of animals.

Download Cat Sim Online for PC and Mac today!


If you are a cat lover or looking for animal games to explore their world, these cat games are the perfect ways to experience the cuteness of the cats.

Simply, get any of these games on your phone and start playing these exciting games to know more about the cats’ world.