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Top Fantastic Free Animal Games Online to Experience their Cuteness

There are games which you can enjoy with your kids. The most child-friendly games are cute animals’ games, which are fun to play and great stress-relievers.

Everyone wants to own a pet and nurture them and want to play with it. So, these types of games give you this opportunity to live your dream and own a pet. Some games are educational as well. They teach us and our kids’ great lessons and they proved to be great time-killer games.

Top Fantastic Free Animal Games Online

Here, you will get to know about some of these games that you can enjoy with your kids as well.

Babyphone for Toddlers-Numbers, Animals, Music

Do you hate when your small kid plays on your mobile all day? Do you want your child to learn some educational stuff from these games? Then don’t worry, Babyphone has covered your worries and give you this wonderful game.

This educational music and video game is a very interesting game to play. This game is basically an animal game for kids and toddler educational games for kindergarteners, which entertains and also helps in learning with fun.

Babyphone for Toddlers-Numbers, Animals, Music

The lively and colorful interface will surely get your toddler curious and interested in this game. It is suitable for kids ranging from 1 year old to 5 years old.

Kids can explore different animals with the help of this app. The different animal sounds are included in this game to give knowledge about animal sounds to your little kid. The various animals call on this Babyphone and your kid has to guess the animal. This is how you give education by having fun at the same time.

The education is not limited just in the animal section. The app also has a number of teaching sections, where it includes education about numbers for preschoolers. Your child will visually and interactively study numbers.

So, get your kid ready and give him your mobile now to learn something and use it for good things. Download this game today!

Animal Cove: Solve Puzzles and Customize Your Island

Do you want to own an island to live there with only animals? Do you like animal puzzle games? Then you don’t need to worry, because this game has covered both of your interests in one game.

You have to explore the mysterious tropical island play matching puzzle game and make hilarious animal friends. This puzzle and exploring game is a very interesting game to play and very easy to learn.

Animal Cove-Solve Puzzles and Customize Your Island

The game has a mesmerizing 3D story-driven adventure with custom decoration for you to choose as per your likeness. You need to solve mysteries to go ahead in the game and you will be only human in the game which can hear animals talking.

Match 3 level puzzles provide hundreds of challenging and exciting games. Merge any two power-ups to make a powerful character fusion. The customization feature lets you build paint and style your stuff.

Decorate your tropical home and landscape the island as per your vision. Meet these animals and hang out with them as they perform hilarious acts. There is also a seaside for you to explore in this game.

Get your brain ready and encounter mysteries that only you can solve! Download now!

Animal Jam-Play Wild!

Do you want to own a pet and take care of it? Are you a good caretaker? Then, Animal Jam- Play Wild is just the game you are looking for. Download it and have fun with your kid.

This action-adventure game and winner of the best kids app of the year 2017 is awesome to play and easy to learn. Choose your favorite animal and explore this enchanting 3D world of Jamaa!

Animal Jam-Play Wild!

Choose your virtual pet and complete various animal quests crossing all over the world of Jamaa. Decorate your den, play animal games, adopt your favorite pets and learn about the natural world through videos, facts, and e-books.

You get a chance to personalize your animal from head to tail. Play games with your pet and earn gems. Explore this gorgeous 3D world and shop for clothes and decoration accessories for your den. Parents can control the player’s access to social features through the parent dashboard.

Get your pets ready and create and customize it as you wish!

Download Animal Jam-Play Wild!

What Animal Are You?

Do you want to know which animal are you? Have you ever had a curiosity about which animal you would be if you were born in the animal kingdom? Then this app will ask you some simple questions that will determine which animal suits you best.

This simple and easy to use trivia is so much fun to play! You are going to enjoy this app so much. The app asks you some questions and you need to answer them as honestly as you can. The app will show your results according to your answers. Share your results with your friends and also know their results also.

The app is so much fun and so simple that it is like a piece of cake to learn this game. You can also play this game with your kids and have fun together. So, download this game and enjoy being a lion!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Do you want to build a camp around the forest and have animals as your friends all around you? Then this game is made for you. Download now!

In this simulation game, you have to find furniture you like and need to design a campsite that suits your lifestyle! Customize your own camp like a house and live like a king there.

Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

Make a trendy open-air café or line up some microphones and organize concerts and music festivals. Setup merry-go-round and open a park or fill the sky with the fireworks. Design your campsite, camper, and cabin as you want.

There are more than 1,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories are available. The game features more than 100 animals with a quirky personality. Fulfill animal quest and grow your friendship with your animal.

The great outdoors has so much to offer!!