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Top Jurassic Games – Fight against Deadly Creatures for Survival

Are you a fan of the movie franchise; the Jurassic world? Do you love the interesting and dangerous world of the dinosaurs? Then you are in for a treat in this post.

It features the top 5 interesting games, available to play in this genre. The games featured in this list are the best among the play store. These games will relocate to that movie and let you feel like you are part of the game.

So, get ready and let’s go on a dinosaur adventure together!!

Top Jurassic Games

Jurassic Tribes

Do you want to live in the ancient world of dinosaurs? Do you have a fantasy to catch, tame and train your own dinosaur and fight others with it?

Then come and download Jurassic Tribes right now!!

The gameplay is smooth and the graphics make this game even more interesting to play. The soundtrack is fearsome and gives you battlefield feeling.

In this game, you have to gather your sticks and stones, because words will not hurt in this enthralling game. You will play as the chief of a dinosaur hunting tribe. All you have to do as chief is to lead your tribe onto the path of triumph in the real-time battle against players from all over the world.

Top Jurassic Games

Just don’t be only a commander of your tribe, develop your territory and make your tribe one of the most feared tribes of the world. Construct buildings, train units, breed feisty plants that will defend you against attackers and tame dinosaurs.

Collect resources and sharpen your favorite weapon of choice, hop on your mighty beast and head to the clash for the glory of your tribesmen and capture the land lost to enemies.

Explore massive lands filled with resources and treasures to craft and create your deadly weapons. Don’t fight alone, create an alliance and fight alongside your allies.

Gather your dinosaurs and your allies for your tribe’s pride!!

Jurassic World Alive

Do you love location-based augmented-reality games? Are you tired of catching Pokémons? Do you want some fearful breathtaking gameplay? Then download Jurassic World Alive!!

You can bring dinosaurs to life just like the movies in this Augmented-Reality game which will give you Goosebumps. The concept of this game is very easy; Dinosaurs have returned to take back what was their own once and rule the earth again.

Top Jurassic Games

The dinosaurs are roaming free in this world, you have to catch them and train them. Just like any other location-based game, you need to explore your surroundings to find your favorite dinosaur, even including new breeds that are more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before!

Discover your vast world and collect dinosaur DNA to level up your beast and create a hybrid and more terrifying dinosaur. Create your own perfect strike team and take on the other teams in real-time player vs player battles.

As mentioned earlier, explore your world with location-based technology and discover new dinosaurs on the virtual map. Explore, find and collect rare and magnificent dinosaurs. Share your legendary dinosaurs by posting AR images and videos online.

So, catch these beasts and show off your collection to the friends.

Jurassic World: The Game

Do you want to dwell in the world of Jurassic park? Do you want to train your own dinosaur and want to control it as you want? Then download Jurassic World: The Game and live amongst these creatures!

Make a return to the famed Isla Nublar Island once again in this official game by the creators of the movie. There are more than 150 colossal dinosaurs available in this stunningly designed game.

Best Jurassic Games

You get to challenge your opponents in earth-shaking battles and unmatched graphics during the battle and the soundtrack is mesmerizing. Build the theme-park according to your vision in an unrivaled build-and-battle game.

In order to build a winning battle arena team, you need to design and create the most efficient and effective part of the game. The park has to be top-notch, where your dinosaur can thrive and evolve. Discover new dinosaurs by acquiring surprise-filled gift cards.

Join your favorite character from the movie to develop the park and to feed, which genetically enhance your beast. There are daily rewards for your progress and to evolve your dinosaurs.

So, get ready to build the best Jurassic park and defeat other players.

Jurassic Survival

What will you do if you are left alone on an island full of dinosaurs? How will you face these conditions and survive as long as you want? Jurassic Survival will give you this opportunity and will help to survive the longest. Download now!!

Best Jurassic Games

You are cast away on a mysterious island, full of dinosaurs and other beastly creatures you won’t imagine. Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, collect resources, craft things and build a fortress that no one can penetrate.

Do your best to survive among hungry dinosaurs and other enemies. Either team up with other players or take everything from them, as you have to do the best for your survival. Do whatever you want to do but the most important thing in this game is survival.

Build a village with your friends and other players and survive in this survival of the fittest!

Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve

The surviving element is the best thing about this third-person survival game. Start the game on a stranded island full of dinosaurs and you have to do everything you can do to survive, including fighting against them.

Top Jurassic games for pc or mac

Gather all the resources you can from trees, plants, dinosaurs you hunt, rocks and many more things. Everything you see in this game is resource hence, use everything and never miss anything.

This game lets you roam freely around the whole island and lets you run, swim and dive into oceans.

Use your surroundings and survive in this exploring and exciting game!

Download Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve!