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4 Best Free Action Games to Play Anywhere

It is impossible to fund thrill in your day to day lives if you get consumed by daily scores and endless work hours. You need to come home and relax, add a little spark and thrill to your life but can’t? Well, there is a perfect solution to this problem.

Adventure games allow players to teleport to another world that allows them to relax and take their minds off the problems they face in their everyday life.

There are several action games that allow the players to experience an adrenaline rush without having to leave the comfort of their house.

Best Action Games To Play

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

This is the best Dragon Ball Z battle game that has amazing graphics and allows players to explore the famous world that is shown in the DragonBall series. There are several features that make this game so popular amongst the gaming population.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

One is the simple and addictive gameplay that allows more people to adapt to the game easily. It has different spheres on the battle screen that controls the character and you can use unique and powerful super attacks.

You can fight alongside famous characters like Goku or team up with rivals such as Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu. The game allows you to train your favorite characters and help them realize new realms of power. Organize a team and manage to assemble the best fighting force.

The timeline of the world has been thrown into chaos which brings you face to face with different characters in the anime. The play board style gameplay allows you to enjoy the game more.

Download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

Stick Man Game

This is one of the best games that uses minimal graphics and helps you become the strongest stickman. You can dodge attacks and make combinations of different moves to create a super move that helps you take your opponents.

Stick Man Game

This fight is one of the best battles you can engage in as this does not contain fancy graphics and concentrates solely on the gameplay. You can fight in the most epic battles with this game. The game has many layers as it allows you to collect the varieties of weapons to make you stronger.

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Paintball Shooting Arena 3D

Paintball shooting arena 3D game allows you to experience a friendly yet engaging and thrilling video game that refrains from glorifying violence. You can tackle opponents with skills and practice you need to master this game.

The game allows you to experience the battle in first-person mode. The game contains many beautiful paintball colors that will help you shoot your opponents with customized settings. This is the ultimate experience that snipers or pistols will not give you, it is for the legends.

Paintball Shooting Arena 3D

You can better your skill and understand what gears you’ll need to be a good paintball shooting hero and defeat them with fighting skills.

Since the game does not have an auto mode, this game is solely manual which makes it even more engaging. Win the game by using covers, managing your gear, and adjusting angle for windage and shot.

Download Paintball Shooting Arena 3D!

New Sniper Shooter

Hold back to achieve a perfect shot on the target. Download and play this amazing shooting game and enjoy playing this game with simple controls that make it easy to adapt to.

New Sniper Shooter is among the top games of sniper shooting. And its success can be attributed to the different guns that are available in the game. It keeps you hooked to the task you have to perform at each level.

New Sniper shooter

Criminals that are robbing, hacking the secret data, bike wheeling, pointing the gun to the hostage, planning the crime, mafia gangs escaping are to be caught and help hold them accountable. Eradicate all of them in specified missions and make the city crime-free.


These games will help you ease your mind and enjoy some free time playing a quality game that will give you the thrill and excitement that you have been craving.