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Best Action Shooting Games to Play on PC

Scrolling social media sites nearly all day can become monotonous sometimes. All that you’re doing while browsing these sites is just absorbing information and then feeding more and more to yourself.

It is unhealthy for our brains because when we are ought to repeat similar actions over and over again, it could make a mind dull. What a brain requires is something stimulating. Gaming is the perfect hobby because it requires strategy, calculation, and focus.

While there are millions of games in the marketplace spread across different genres, the FPS titles and Action shooting titles remain to be all-time popular among both casual and pro gamers. Recently, in the past couple of years, the popularity of shooting games skyrocketed after the onset of Online Streaming.

We have compiled a small list of Action Shooting games that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Best Action Shooting Games

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games – FPS

This game requires no introduction for most people because it’s one of the oldest games in the market with an incredibly loyal fan base. The gameplay it offers is considered to be quite addictive when you also acknowledge the fact that it has over a hundred thrilling missions and each of them is presented to you in the best 3D graphics.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

The simple and highly intuitive interface controls are smooth enough to allow you to appreciate the well-developed mechanics of the game. The multitude of classic but deadly weapons and attachments only adds to the charisma of the game.

What’s more is that, you can download this game for free and enjoy being a sniper virtually.

World War Heroes: WW2

The list would be incomplete if this game were to be excluded. The era is World War II and you’ve been commissioned into the war. Destroy tanks and military vehicles while you fight in Berlin and at other 6 legendary battle zones against formidable champions such as yourself.

World War Heroes

You get to use 57 types of unique firearms between 6 game modes, where additionally you can also create custom rooms to have epic battles.

Download World War Heroes: WW2!

Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game

Test your honed skills in this game by using a range of weapons to kill your enemies. While the 3D graphics are often being used to display bullet effects and other heavy effects, there’s also a mode for PvP battles along with stunningly dynamic weather.

Best Action Shooting Games

You’re rewarded with upgrades in your armament as you gain experience within the game. Be the best hitman by also participating in clan wars along with the option to share and trade resources too. This game is also available for free on the play store.

Download Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game!

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS – Free Shooting Game

Dominate the charts among three modes of playing in five fantastic maps. You could customize your character as per your will after successful completion of missions and leveling up while you shoot enemies alongside your comrades. Surely, participation in global tournaments within the game will provide you the opportunity to beat the global competition and prove your mettle.

Best Action Shooting Games

Assuredly, this competitive massively multiplayer FPS will long hold your attention and will keep you returning back to it for more thrill.

Download MaskGun Multiplayer FPS – Free Shooting Game!

Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper shooting gun games

Have you always thought about going on a crime spree only to see how it turns out and how it might feel? Well, Armed Heist is the game you could install on your PC via Blustacks like all other games on the list. You can pick the dynamic jobs you do and they’ll keep getting longer with better rewards. Among 30 various kinds of guns, you could pick any and over the course of doing heist jobs, you could customize the guns aesthetically as well as practically.

Best Action Shooting Games

Dynamic scenarios engine shall make sure that no heist turns out the same way each time and obviously, any criminal gang has to become or form their organizations. So. here’s your chance of becoming a warlord or the most feared and lethal man globally. Download for PC and Mac now!

Paintball Arena Shooting: Shooter Survivor Battle

This simulator shooter has a fun and enjoyable experience as it has stunning 3D graphics. Your screen will display a hud with basic information such as ammunition and other information during the paintball fights.

Best Action Shooting Games

With numerous paintball guns of different sizes, you can play in campaign mode, unlock new maps, new layouts, new gun signs, battlefields, in-game gold, and sports gear. Download now!


These multiplayer action shooting games promise many hours of fun. Among anyone that you pick from these games, assuredly, each of them will definitely not only uplift your mood  but also help you get better at FPS games. Who knows you could just become the pro-esports player from your nation!