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Best Talking Tom Games for Endless Entertainment

Talking Tom is one of the most popular interest sensations of this generation. The famous pet cat quickly came to the limelight with a simple game whose interface allows you to interact with this cute, smart and polite cat.

This game has helped many people feel less lonely and given them a chance to have a virtual pet. There are several games designed with Tom as a central character, thus making the game more familiar and more exciting as well.

Best Talking Tom Games

Talking Tom Dash Hero

This is one of the most exciting runner games, in which the players take Talking Tom and his heroic friends on a mission to run, get gold and rebuild the world! This action game truly makes you feel like a superhero flash.

In this game, the characters of Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their super friends all have unique superpowers that they can use while running and can also try using their high-tech superhero gadgets making this game versatile.

Talking Tom Dash Hero

The best way to collect gold coins is to avoid obstacles and hit some raccoons on the way. The game is set up in an environment where players will fight the raccoons among skyscrapers, alongside tropical surf beaches, through Chinese-inspired villages, and in mysterious desert temples.

You can have a lot of fun with this game as each running world is a unique adventure. Players can dash and leap between rooftops, swing on cranes, and run along with cruise ships and avoid the swimming pools.

Raccoons are destroying and polluting the world and it’s up to players to drive them away so that you can clean up and rebuild by unlocking heroic runner outfits piece by piece and customizing each superhero. Download Talking Tom Dash Hero now!

Talking Tom Pool Puzzle

Get ready to party with Talking Tom and Friends in a completely new kind of puzzle game! Sling and match colors to clear the pool and win!

It’s FREE and EASY to play, whether you’re young or just young at heart, so jump into the fun! There’s no other game like it.

The best thing about this game is the ample moves you can make. From enjoying the game’s unique sling mechanic that requires you to just pull back the floaties, release, and let them bounce. You can match the floaties in the pools to complete the levels and earn keys.

Talking Tom Pool

The game consists of 28 achievements and over 500 incredible levels. Use rockets, lose lives, and take on other crazy challenges, and can get experience points in return. The more you play, the more experience you’ll gain. You can check out your achievements on the menu.

The game consists of power up options that make the game more exciting, the best one is the
Rocket which removes all floaties of one color. The unicorn will make all your floaties multicolored for a turn and the chili gives you a fiery speed boost. You are allowed to upgrade buildings in the water park using the keys you earn and get rewards! You can complete over five hundred tasks and beat all the challenging obstacles.

Join Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger in this exciting water park adventure.

Download and play Talking Tom Pool Puzzle!

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game that is great for children of all ages and lonely adults as well. The players can adopt Tom and take care of him every day, making sure he gets enough food and sleep, taking him to the toilet, and keeping him happy, smiling and laughing.

My Talking Tom

This is a great game that features a collection of mini-games designed to test skill, reflexes, and puzzle-solving ability. There are several different things you can help Tom do. Tom likes to be petted and even spoken to and like your young and naughty cousin, he repeats everything he hears in his funny voice.

Download My Talking Tom!


Go ahead and try these exciting games to make sure you can do more with your favorite character Tom.

This is a great pet and an even exciting partner to solve puzzles and go on an adventure. So, download any of these games today and enjoy to the fullest.