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Spartan Firefight

Spartan Firefight, a real frenzy of actions 

If you know Spartan Runner, you will certainly be taped by the latest kid from developer Doberman Studios. It’s a frantic action game available for free download on PlayStore. 

Spartan Firefight

A simple and attractive gaming environment

From the beginning of the game, the player is immersed in a fully pixelated and detailed setting that gives the game an interesting classic style. The principle is simple: the player must go through the different game and card modes, the opportunity for him to fight multiple waves of enemies. As he wins, he can then unlock ever more powerful weapons and obtain improvements that allow him to optimize his abilities.

A game that stimulates the best players

The player has different game modes, namely:

  • Baptism of fire: to complete as many waves as possible;
  • King of the Hill: to have maximum control of the area for as long as possible;
  • Flag capture: to capture as many flags as possible;
  • Oddball: to keep the skull as long as possible;
  • Infection: to fight waves of floods;
  • Red vs Blue: for team fights;
  • Special events: time-limited for special rewards.

All this takes place in an atmosphere that constantly puts players in constant competition and stimulates them to motivate them to become the best of the Spartans.